Pond Fish and Snails

Whether you are stocking a new pond or adding new fish to existing stocks, throughout the season (from April till November) we have a huge selection of fish to choose from. During the busier summer months we have new fish arriving regularly....come down and have a browse...there’s always something new to look at!

We at Claremont Aquatic Nurseries pride ourselves in the quality and health of our pond fish....they are imported from reputable sources around the world and you will be safe in the knowledge that they have all been screened for the KHV virus. Not sure which fish are suitable for your pond? Our expert staff will answer all your questions before you buy, help you choose your fish, carefully pack them for their journey, provide full instructions for introducing them to their new home and offer a full after-care advice service. We take as much care with a small Goldfish for an indoor tank as we do with a large specimen Koi. Think you need a large pond with pumps and filter systems to be able to have fish in your pond? Think again! Fish in the wild have no need for a filter system...nobody comes along and feeds them every day! We will take the time to explain how to achieve ‘Natural Balance’ and create an environment where a few fish can be beneficial to your natural wildlife pond. Every pond deserves to come alive with the colour and movement of fish.

Koi carp. Probably the most decorative and colourful choice of fish for a garden pond. From the dark metallic Ghost Koi to the bright gold and silver of the Ogon Koi (and all colours in between)...the choice is yours! Here at Claremont, customers can browse through our tanks of ‘A’ Grade Koi before making their selection. Whether you want instant impact by buying large specimen Koi, or whether you prefer to buy smaller Koi and ‘grow your own’ we will make sure you leave with hand-picked, happy, healthy fish. Please bear in mind that Koi carp have the potential to grow up to 2-3ft and may out-grow a very small garden pond.

Goldfish. Suitable for smaller and larger ponds alike, reaching an ultimate size of 12”-18” Goldfish make a welcome addition of movement and colour to any garden pond. During the summer months we stock Goldfish in all sizes from 2” up to larger specimen fish.

Yellow goldfish. A variation on the standard, traditional Goldfish, these Yellow goldfish will brighten up your pond like a ray of sunshine!

Sarassa comets. Another variation on the standard Goldfish. The Sarassa refers to the red and white colouring of the fish and the Comet refers to the long, flowing tail.

Shubunkins. These multi-coloured Goldfish come in a mixture of blues, reds, whites, blacks and orange...some with standard tails and some with long, flowing tails. A few Shubunkins will add a welcome variety and mix of colour to your pond....no two will be the same!

Golden orfe/Blue orfe. A lovely, long sleek fish with an up-turned mouth for catching flies and insects from the water surface. It’s ultimate size of 18”-2ft makes it ideal for medium sized ponds. Orfe are a shoaling fish (slightly more shy and skittish than a Goldfish) A group of them swimming and darting around together makes a great show in any garden pond.

Grass carp. Mainly vegetarians (although if you give them some fish food they will eat that too!) Grass carp are very good at keeping Blanketweed and Duckweed under control in garden ponds....they are very good at munching their way through large quantities of it! A lovely, black torpedo-shaped fish, they will ultimately grow to 2-3ft in length and are suitable for medium to large ponds. Albino Grass Carp are sometimes also available.

Sturgeon/Sterlets. Due to their size (they can reach 2ft, 3ft, 4ft.....and some!) Sturgeon are suitable only for the larger pond. The long-nosed Sterlets will not reach quite the same size as the rounder-nosed Sturgeon. An unusual looking cold water pond fish, with it’s long nose and bony external skeleton, the Sturgeon looks almost pre-historic and shark-like. We always try to have the standard black or grey Sterlets, Diamond Sturgeon with their white-tips and markings and Albino Sturgeon in stock throughout the season. Because of their down-turned mouth which is tucked right underneath the fish, Sturgeon generally can’t get themselves into a position to eat a floating fish food and so will need a food that sinks to the bottom of the pond where they can eat it more easily.

Pond snails/Ramshorn snails. A natural/wildlife pond will attract a multitude of insects and creatures to create it’s own eco-system. One of the most useful of your pond’s natural inhabitants is the Pond snail, they are excellent scavengers and will eat algae, dead and decaying plant material, uneaten fish food and dead fish. They are often known as the pond clean-up crew! Pond snails lay their eggs in jellyish strips on the underside of leaves and are ‘hermaphroditic’ which means they carry both the male and female sex cells in which to produce offspring. The more commonly found Pond snail has the traditional ‘snail’ shape...rounded at one end and pointed at the other. The less common Ramshorn snail has a shell which resembles a coil of rope, or (as the name suggests) a ram’s horn.

Throughout the summer months we have new stocks of fish arriving weekly. Special orders and larger quantities can be ordered up to suit your needs. Throughout the season we may also have the other native species in stock.....Tench, Rudd, Mirror carp, Common carp, Gudgeon, Minnows and Sticklebacks. Call in for a visit and a browse...feeding time is usually late afternoon!



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