Pond accessories and sundries.

Fish food. With so many different foods available, which is the best one to feed your fish? The basic ingredients are pretty much the same for all fish food....cereal and fish. The size and shape of the foods can vary but fish will generally eat whatever they can fit in their mouths! Some foods will have added extras.....vitamins, colour enhancers, higher protein content, added dried worms and shrimp, garlic, added medication and wheatgerm (Winter food). We will always offer advice on the best food for your fish.

Fish treatments. Fish can suffer from a wide range of ailments and diseases. We offer a wide range of fish remedies and will always offer help with diagnosing and treating your sick fish....given enough information and maybe a photograph or two!

Pond remedies. Whether your pond is suffering from algae, blanketweed, duckweed, green water, cloudy water, sludge, high levels of nitrite or ammonia or you need to adjust the PH level, our helpful staff will always come up with a solution.

Pond planting sundries. Although most of the aquatic plants we sell on the Nursery are already planted up in aquatic planting baskets in aquatic compost with added fertiliser and top-dressed with gravel, we also stock all the sundries you will need to plant up your own pond plants. Planting baskets (round, square and banana-shaped in various sizes), hessian squares to line the planting baskets with, planting bags (a more flexible version of a planting basket, ideal for moulding into shape on an uneven surface), aquatic compost, plant fertiliser and decorative gravels.

Pond cover netting. Cut to order off the roll, pond cover netting is ideal for keeping leaves and herons out of your garden pond! It can be pulled tight and pegged down (although attaching it to a frame.....a tent-shape or dome-shape is usually best) this will prevent it from sagging into the water under the weight of fallen leaves....it will also prevent the heron’s beak from reaching the water surface and the fish beneath! The netting is black with 1” diamond/square shaped holes. Due to the stretch-fit you will generally need to add 30% extra on to the size/area you want to cover. Simply measure the area you want to cover and we will do the rest!

Heron deterrents. Unfortunately, a lovely clear garden pond provides the local heron population with a bird’s-eye view of your brightly coloured fish! Whilst pond cover netting is an ideal solution in the Winter months, during the warmer Summer months when you are out enjoying the garden more often you may prefer a less obtrusive way to keep the heron at bay. We can offer the traditional decoy herons, owls and hawks to stand guard and act as a predator....their success depending a great deal on how hungry or brave the heron is feeling! Our most popular heron deterrent is a motion-activated device which connects to your garden hose, is battery-powered and delivers a quick burst of water when motion is detected near the pond. Simply leave it turned on to stand guard when you are out....and de-activate it when you want to use the garden.

Fishing nets. Here at Claremont we stock pond nets for every occasion! From small, bamboo pond-dipping nets for children to the largest nets for catching, holding and treating your specimen Koi. Square, oblong or triangle shaped net heads with their flat edges are ideal for scooping debris from the bottom of the pond, round, large-holed nets are better suited for catching fish....the larger the holes in the net, the faster it will move through the water. We have short-handled nets for the smaller pond and longer handled or extendible handled nets for deeper or wider ponds.

Pump, filter and UV spares. We stock spare parts for all of the pumps, filters and UVs we sell.....impellers, strainers, fountain heads and fittings for the pond pumps, foam sheets, wadding, floss, japanese matting, alfagrog, plastic filter media, brushes, foam blocks and fittings for our filters and UV bulbs, o rings and quartz sleeves for our all of our UVs. Customers are very welcome to bring their old equipment in with them....the lads will always view it as a challenge to try and fix it and get it back up and running again!

UV bulbs. We try to keep in stock most UV bulbs known to man! We prefer to sell Philips branded bulbs as the quality is far superior in every way (although we sometimes have some cheaper Chinese unbranded UV bulbs)....you do however, get what you pay for! The wattage, length and type of UV bulb you require is determined by the wattage of your UV unit. If in doubt, please bring your old bulb with you to make sure you buy the correct replacement bulb. Whether it still lights up or not, your UV bulb will need replacing every Spring as the sunnier, warmer weather arrives....the quality of the UV light will have dropped considerably after 6 months use.

Pipe, hose and fittings. Whether you are setting up a new filter system or adapting existing equipment we can help you with the pipe and fittings you will need. We stock flexible hose from 1/2” hose-pipe size up to 11/2” or 40mm, we stock various sizes of push-fit and solvent-weld rigid waste pipe and a selection of fittings, adapters, joiners, reducers and clips.

Pond vacuums. We offer a full pond clean out service or, if you want to have a go yourself, we also offer a pond-vac hire service. You can either leave the pond full of water and carefully hoover the sludge from the bottom of the pond (discharging the waste onto the garden or down a drain....top up any water lost from the tap) or you can remove the fish, empty the pond completely and hoover the bottom of the pond until it’s dry. We always have a selection of pond vacuums available to purchase.....ideal as a Christmas present, birthday present or Father’s day present for the man who has everything!

Ice preventers/Pond heaters. Pond fish can survive a harsh winter and sub-zero temperatures....what they can’t tolerate is being sealed-in under the ice for a long period of time....they will simply suffocate. All your fish need in Winter is a ventilation hole in the ice to let the gasses out. A pond heater will do this by using heat....a heated element which can be floated in the pond and tethered in place will melt a hole in the ice. An ice preventer will use agitation to keep a hole in the ice by pumping either air from an air pump. or water from a small pond pump via a styrofoam float. Never smash, crack or break the ice as the shockwaves can kill the fish.

Water features. The sound and movement of running water will add an extra dimension to any garden large or small. Maybe you fancy a water feature in the garden....something child-friendly and low maintenance? Stuck for ideas and not sure how to go about it? Come down to Claremont, have a chat and get some ideas! We have natural stone monoliths, drilled slate features, stainless steel water blades and spheres, moulded waterfalls, tubs, grids and all the accessories you will need to create the perfect water feature for your garden.

Lighting. To make your garden, water feature or pond come alive at night, the perfect lighting is essential. We have LED light strips to light up your water blade or waterfall, underwater pond light sets and floating lights to bring your pond to life, spot lights to illuminate your favourite feature, rock-lights, coloured lights and much, much more.....



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