Ponds and Liners

So, you fancy a pond or water feature in your garden but have no idea how to go about it? Need a little help and a few pointers? Look no further! We will guide you through your project from the first seeds of an idea right through to the finishing touches. Want to know what shape is best for your new pond? How deep you need to make it? We will answer all of these questions....and some you may not even have thought about!

Your first decision will probably be what type of pond or liner to choose for your water feature....whether to opt for a pre-formed moulded pond or to use a flexible sheet of pond liner. Simply measure your pond (or space available to build your new pond) and we will calculate the size of liner you would need or help you choose a suitable pre-formed moulded pond .
If DIY is not your thing we can offer a full, local design and installation service. If your old pond liner has seen better days and you would like a re-vamp and a re-line by the professionals simply give us a call.

1mm EPDM Firestone rubber Our best selling pond liner, and the highest quality pond liner we have found in over 30 years in the pond industry. It is 1mm thick, is very durable and flexible and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Suitable for the smallest garden pond or water feature, right up to the largest lake, and for all sizes in between! It is the most versatile material to choose as you can build your pond to the size and shape you like and buy a single sheet of pond liner to fit.
Unlike Butyl or PVC pond liners which are formed into strips and then jointed together, Firestone rubber has no joints....just a thick strip where it has been rolled together whilst still molten.
We stock roll sizes in even feet widths (8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft, 18ft, 20ft, 22ft and 24ft). The rolls are 100ft long and larger sizes are always available to order.

0.5mm PVC pond liner. If you are working to a tight budget the 0.5mm thick PVC pond liner offers all the benefits of a flexible pond liner at a reduced price. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee. We stock rolls in 2m, 3m, 4m, 6m and 8m wide. The rolls are 25m long and larger sizes are always available to order.

Pre-formed moulded ponds These are generally regarded as an easy option for the smaller garden pond and tend to be thicker and more resistant to damage than a flexible sheet of pond liner. We offer a range of moulded ponds in 150ltr, 250ltr, 500ltr, 750ltr and 100ltr. To install a rigid moulded pond you will need to first dig a hole slightly larger than the mould, make sure the pond is stable and level and then back-fill the ground around, packing it firmly in place to support the weight of the pond when full of water.

Underlay. Depending on the quality of the ground where your pond is going to be built, you may require the protection of an underlay to prolong the life of your pond liner. As it is a non-woven material it offers a high level or protection from stones and roots without being too thick and bulky. The underlay is 150g-250g per square meter, it is 2m wide and can be placed down in strips (and bonded together with a heat gun if required) either to cover the whole area underneath your pond liner, or just in the areas you need protection the most.



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