Choosing the correct pump can be a potential minefield! There are so many pumps...but which is the right one for you? Our expert staff will help you to make an informed decision and choose a pump tailor-made to your needs. Has your old pump packed in? Feel free to bring it in with you. We will have a look (free of charge) to see if it can be fixed.....the lads view it as a challenge to get things up and running again! If it’s beyond repair we can find you a new one similar in performance.

Fountain pumps. First you need to decide what effect you would like from your fountain pump. A tall spray, a shorter/finer spray, a bell-jet, a geyser or foaming jet effect? Some pumps will include a selection of spray-heads. What size of fountain pump should you buy? Smaller fountain pumps will give a shorter spray, larger pumps will give a taller spray....the width of your catchment area will determine how high your fountain can be. Fountain pumps tend to have a fine case (some will have foam strainers) to prevent large particles getting in and blocking up the holes in the spray-head. Fountain pumps with a larger motor will generally come with a ‘T’ piece giving you the option of doing two jobs with one pump. Simply attach a hose to the ‘T’ piece and use the controls to allow some water to spray up and some water to go down the hose to another feature or waterfall.

Waterfall pumps. There are many factors to consider when choosing a pump for your waterfall. How high will you be pumping? The flow will reduce the higher you pump. How wide will your waterfall be? The wider the waterfall or stream is, the greater the flow of water is needed to fill it. Do you want a bit of a trickle down your waterfall....or Niagara falls? Or somewhere in between? Size of pond in many ways can be irrelevant when choosing a pump for your waterfall or stream...it’s all about the amount of flow coming down your waterfall to give the effect you want.

Solids-handling/Filter pumps. Some pumps use more power than others! Pumps designed to run filters are, by their very nature, going to run 24 hours a day and are designed to pump large volumes of water with minimal pressure and therefore, lower electrical consumption. They are also designed to handle larger particles. The motor itself sits inside a large case with large holes, the idea being that whatever sized particles pass through the holes in the case will pass through the pump and be deposited in to your filter...which you will then clean out periodically. Ideally, the pump will sit at the bottom of the pond where the silt and debris will naturally settle, enabling it to be drawn into the pump! We will happily calculate the volume of your pond to determine the size of filter you require...the size of your filter will then determine the pump you need to supply it. Ideally your pump will turn over the volume of your pond through your filter every hour on smaller ponds...every hour and a half to two hours on larger ponds.

External/Surface pumps. There may be occasions where an off-the-shelf, standard pond pump just won’t do the job. This is where an industrial external or surface pump can come in to play. They are generally used for pond installations that require very high volumes of water with a very high-pressure delivery such as large commercial fountains. These pumps will generally need protecting in a ventilated, weatherproof housing.

Combined pump, filter & UV. The easy solution to green water in small garden ponds. No need for a separate pump and external filter. Simply place the pump in the pond and connect to a power source. The UV in the fountain stem will help with your green water problems.

Gravity-outlet box filters
Pressurised filters
All-in-one filter/UV/pump



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